Changing dance partners… What?!

Changing dance partners.

“Ok, let’s change dance partners”. What? I don’t want my husband dancing with other girls!

I know you, you smug married couples! Yes, you! Happily married and love spending time with each other. You probably have a monthly dinner party where you invite all your coupled up friends. Drink wine, swap recipes/baby pics and play Pictionary. *rolls eyes in jealousy*

Now you’ve finally got him to come to a dancing with you. You have been working on getting him to a dance class for weeks. Ok years, and he’s finally holding you in his arms gazing into your eyes. You think this couldn’t get any better, then the teacher says:
‘Ok, let’s change dance partners.’
You’re thinking this is not how it’s meant to go! You brought him here and you want to be the only one he dances with. You don’t want to share him with the other females in the class. They should have bought their own dance partner! But let me just stop you there…

Partner swap.

Changing dance partners is not only a great way to learn yourself, but also it takes pressure off the person you have come in with. You may argue that you know your husband better than anyone else and he’s more comfortable with you than anyone. Which I must admit is a very valid point. But if I’m honest, he will also want to impress you more than anyone else. He might not pick the dance steps up as quickly as you and he might need a bit more practice. So changing dance partners will encourage him to do better each time, without the worry of getting it right for you.

Also, changing partners is a great way to meet the other people in your dance class. You might find you really enjoy dancing with some of the other men, and sometimes it’s not your husband who is getting it wrong… it’s you (yep really)! By sharing your partner around you actually are giving yourself and your partner a better learning environment. The more dance partners you have the better you become at leading and or following. You’ll find it easier to read signals through their body movements and language. Then for the leaders, the more partners they get to dance with, the more opportunity they get to find out the best ways to deliver assertive direction.

And who knows, you might even find a new couple to come to your Pictionary dinner parties..?

Happy wife, happy life.

The best thing is you’ll always be happy to get your husband back. You can then practice together at home or hit the dance floor at the RSL on a Saturday night. But if you really don’t want to share him around the class its no problem. You can always have a quick word to the instructor before or during the class. You’ll then probably be allocated your own private “smug married couples” area within the class (Jokes).

But believe me it’s a good idea to embrace the wife swap situation in a dance class. It will not only make learning a whole lot easier but it will also make you a better dancer. And there is always the option of booking a private lesson. That way there is no partner swapping and you can do absolutely anything you like in the lesson. As long as your husband agrees!

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