Buying Dance Shoes Online – How to be a good online shopper

Buying Dance Shoes Online

Internet shopping can sometimes be overwhelming and in the end you receive something that doesn’t fit or looks nothing like you imagined. I have certainly got it wrong a few times, but I have also learnt a few things from my online shopping fails. So here are a few simple tricks that can help you when buying dance shoes online.

If you’ve recently taken your first dance class, then buying dance shoes online is a good idea. They will be a little bit cheaper and can be shipped to your door! It’s really the quickest, easiest way to get yourself a pair of dance shoes. Normal dress shoes are too slippery, sneakers can be too sticky and absolutely no bare feet! All these options often lead to dance floor diasters! Dance shoes will not only make it easier move around the floor, but they’ll make you feel like a real dancer.


“They call me Cha Cha, because I’m the best dancer at Saint Bernadette’s”

Stick with a style that suits you

Do you have 4 pairs of pointy toed shoes in the back of your wardrobe that you avoid wearing? Then best stay away from any kind of narrow fitting dance shoes. Everyone has a pair of dressy/comfy ‘Go-To’ shoes in their wardrobe and this same style is what you need to look for when buying dance shoes online. You need your feet to be as comfortable as possible before you even start to dance. Stick with a style that you know compliments your foot, and you’re half way there.

Look up size charts

Dance shoes need to fit snug. Your foot shouldn’t be able to slide around inside the shoe. Generally your dance shoe size should be half a size smaller than your normal shoe size. When buying dance shoes online be sure to double check the sizing chart before you add the item to your shopping cart. Especially if the shoes are being sold in a sizing chart that you’re not familiar with.

Click here for shoe size conversion chart 

Example: I am a 6.5 in US sizes but I take a 6 (or UK 4) in dance shoes. I do have a wide foot, and if I’m wearing a closed in shoe (court shoe) I take my normal shoe size 6.5. For gents – the same rule applies. Go half a size smaller than your normal shoe.

Avoid free shipping

Free shipping often means you can wait up to 6 weeks before receiving your goods. A lot of brands selling on eBay, mainly based in Asia, will provide free shipping on a cheaper product. This is a good option if you’ re just wanting to try them out, or if your buying them for a child that is growing out of shoes every week! Otherwise use a local site as it will be a lot easier to organise a return or exchange if need be.

Try before you buy

If you have to opportunity to attend a competition or a dance event have a look for any shoes available to purchase on the day. Usually there will be stalls with all kinds of dance products and you will be able to try few pairs of shoes on. This way you can get an idea of what styles you like and which ones are comfortable. Also check the size that fits you best, and be sure that your toe is right at the end of the shoe. Most dance shoe manufacturers are based in Europe and dance shoes are usually sold in UK or European sizes. Take note as to which size chart is being used.

And remember…

Once you receive your shoes, you will not be unable to return them if the soles have been marked. When you get the shoes out of the box make sure you have the fabric bag or a piece of paper underneath your feet. This way the shoes will only touch a clean surface and won’t be marked.

Also, don’t buy anything outrageous on your first go and always ALWAYS check the returns policy.

If you follow these tips you will have a comfortable perfectly fitting pair of shoes delivered to your door in no time.

“Move over Cha Cha, because now I’m the best dancer at Saint Bernadette’s!”

Good Luck!

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