Dancing is your Escape Disconnect from the Digital World

If you look at our world today, we have never been more connected. We are connected by technology in so many ways but are becoming more and more disconnected every day. Personal interactions, social gatherings, sport and hobbies are slowly becoming a thing of the past as we move in to a world where a screen is always our first way to connect. …Dancing is your escape.

Disconnect from the digital world

The average person now spends more time in front of a screen than they do sleeping! It’s scary to think what else there is time for, but just imagine if you could swap one of those “Social Media” hours for an hour of learning a new skill.  While also being physically active and having an actual real life face to face social interaction. I’d say ‘YES!’ hand me my iPhone so I can book myself in online!

There is no denying that the world is moving into a place where technology is so accessible it has started to take over. It’s gone from making your life more convenient to making your life’s most valued relationship (the one you have with your hand held device), the most time consuming part of you day. I get it! There are so many valid reasons for using technology to make life easier. But hasn’t making things easier meant we have more time to better ourselves, to achieve more, to spend time with our friends and family?

Dancing is your Escape

First thing is to allow yourself the hour away from your digital life. It’s only one hour and if it makes you feel better you can check in when you arrive and then post all about it as you are leaving. Actually we would love you to do this but while you’re in the class be present with what is happening around you. I promise you that everyone is friendly but probably just as nervous as you may be, so don’t be concerned with how you might be judged by others. Everyone has a different way of learning, and we absolutely get that, and sometimes it can be confronting or sometimes it can be the best thing you’ve ever done in your life.

Not every dance class will be the same but this is how you get to know yourself better. Understand how you learn, communicate, respond and move forward with not just this but any new skill. This a great way to reconnect with yourself and not the digital you. There’s no filters or well worded captions to help you along, but I assure you that they are not needed. All you need is a bit of self-belief and a sense of willingness.

Reconnect with yourself

Dancing is your escape. It is your 1 hour a week where the fast moving world can disappear, your troubles and stresses forgotten, and your heart beat increases to match the beat of the music and movement of your feet.

So when you walk into the studio make sure that you leave your technological life at the door. You’re welcome to pick it up on you way out if you wish (we sell electronics on eBay if left behind) and use dance to help reconnect with yourself.

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