Dance: Hair, Makeup and Tan – Tutorials, tricks and tips

Glitz and Glamour

This is the side of dancing that is comparable to Vegemite… You either love it or you hate it. Grooming (good grooming) is absolutely essential. The whole purpose of being judged in dancing, whether in a dance competition, exam or performance is to be non-offensive. This includes the way you present yourself and your look. Ensuring your grooming is perfect goes a long way towards improving a lasting impression. Here are some of my tips on ways to achieve perfect dance: hair, makeup and tan.


You are going to need a lot of product…. And hair pins. Slicked hair that doesn’t move is the best kind of hair for dancing. For the ladies your hair must stay in one place and this means using a lot hair spray and pins. Also if you have heavy hair, more than one elastic helps to hold a ponytail or bun close to your head. If you use gel, wet your hair first and then use heat (hairdryer) to set in place. The placement of your part can also make a big difference, so be sure to use a style that compliments the shape of your face.
*If you’re blonde, remember that it’s much easier to notice bumps and cracks so take extra care.

dance hair, make up and tan

A little bit of practice (and a lot of hairspray) and your hair could look like this!


It’s easy to go over the top with makeup. Makeup is used to enhance your features it’s not just about painting your face all the colours of the rainbow. Colours that match your outfit can be good but don’t go overboard. Try and use colours that suit your skin tone and hair colour. It really doesn’t have to be heavy, just flattering. Also applying false lashes is a good idea to help make your eyes more pronounced. Let the glue dry a little bit so it’s tacky and then place on your lid just above your lashes. I would recommend you having a practice and if you’re not feeling confident or you have no idea, Rachel Macintosh MUA has some excellent, informative and fun tutorials on all things makeup. Click here for the link to her YouTube Channel.

Ballroom dancing hair and makeup



Unless your costume covers your arms, legs and face completely you must wear fake tan. Even if it’s just one coat, it will make a big difference. The lighting on a dance floor is often bright and can give your skin a washed out look. One coat of tan makes you look thinner and less like a ghost. Even though every beauty mag would tell you otherwise, an orange based tan is best. I would recommend Le Tan or Bondi Sands or if you want to use a Professional dance brand you can’t go past Del-tone. A darker green based tan will give your skin a dirty look. Don’t use a tanning mitt as they are not as good as the everyday rubber gloves.

Dancing fake tan

Tan, Tan, Tan!

Dance: Hair, Makeup and Tan

Creativity and your own personal style are not to be disregarded and it’s favourable to stay up with fashionable trends. But the tried and tested methods are always best and in my experience if you try and do something the cheap way you always end up having to fix it by doing it the right way.

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