Wedding dance lessons – Melbourne: Yarraville/Werribee

Wedding Dance Lessons

You’ve agonised over invitations, food, THE dress/suit/ring pillow and whether you should have the honeymoon in the Maldives or Echuca. It’s all very exciting but also a little bit stressful. When do you get to have any fun? Wedding dance lessons, that’s when.

Get to know each other

So you probably already know your one true love very well. But do you know how well they deal with learning a new skill? Do you know how they react when they hear your song? Most couples find out something they never knew about their significant other while learning to dance. Maybe they have an embarrassing moment from their Debutante Ball or they have featured in a flash mob? You never know what you might find out..?!

Learn how to better communicate

Dancing is all about communicating and so are relationships. Learning a skill together can really highlight how your partner communicates. When an element of fun is added it creates a different form of communication that you may not have experienced from your fiancé before. Wedding dance lessons are always fun and most couples find the dance lessons the most relaxing part of organising a wedding.

Achieve a goal together

The first dance is so much more than sticking to tradition. Producing a wedding dance together is an achievement and shows your guests the first goal you reach as a married couple…. Unless you both fall over when you’re announced into the reception (see embarrassing wedding YouTube montage of that HERE), that would be your first achievement as a married couple. Working together and feeling comfortable enough to dance in front of everyone you know nest to the love of you life… Big achievement (tick!).

wedding dance lessons melbourne

Love and Happiness

It’s doesn’t matter if this is your 1st wedding or your 4th. If you’re in your late 70’s or if it’s a same sex wedding. The first dance is for everyone! Making a life long commitment to someone is all about learning about each other, communicating and achieving goals together. And that’s exactly what learning to dance is all about.

Why not spend time with your fiancé and have some fun before a lifetime of family barbeques and joint health insurance premiums? It’s guaranteed to be a whole lot more than you think!
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