Kids should dance!

Kids should dance!

Providing an education and positive social environments are essential to your child’s development. Giving them the option to choose and take ownership of their commitments is also beneficial. My involvement in dance as a child gave me so many unexpected life skills. So here is some information on why your kids should dance.
Growing up in a dance studio, I did my homework on the floor and was largely exposed to people of all ages. Helping out in classes was a great way to learn how to talk to people of all ages. Dancing was my hobby, my passion and my meal ticket. Being heavily exposed to this environment at a young age not only gave me great communication skills but it allowed me to know how to treat others respectfully.

Respect for others

The fundamentals of dance are based on some old fashioned values that teach kids about respect for themselves and others. Some may consider these values out dated without understanding that the fundamentals of partnered dancing are directly referenced to social etiquette and good behavior. Rules used to govern the dance floor are a great way to teach kids about leadership, cooperation and more importantly respect.


Why your kids should dance

Kids Dance Class

My parents owned a dance studio and I was expected to help out where I could. I only ever answered the phone in a professional tone and I was never allowed to refuse a dance when asked. There were so many chores I didn’t want to do and people I didn’t want to talk to. But I did. This has given me a great understanding interacting with others effectively without prejudice.

No discrimination – bridging the gap
“Dancing in Jaffa” (check out the link HERE:) is a documentary film that follows a dance program for Jewish and Palestinian kids in Israel. Students are encouraged to take dance classes and disregard any preconceived ideas they have about the other participants based on their religion. Discrimination is a learned behavior and often these children don’t yet fully understand why they should discriminate against the other kids in the dance class. The whole idea is to bring together these kids by teaching them to first respect themselves and then others.
Not only do these kids learn about respecting each other throughout the program but they also learn to dance and take pride in their appearance. This then promotes their self-esteem and encourages them to want to maintain the good feelings they experience.

Social skills

Communication is a huge part of dancing. On the dance floor each message it is translated through a physical movement or body language. Communication is everything when you have to dance with a partner or a group. Training this skill, as a child, is essential in order to practice this as an adult. The other advantage is the social skills that you are acquire create friendships and social groups that are rewarding.

Wait! …There’s more

Music and movement also generates benefits in learning to dance. Using music in learning improves listening skills and brain power, as well as supporting memory retention, Dance also provides endless list of physical benefits including coordination and increased levels of general fitness.

As you can see there are so many great reasons as to why your kids should dance.


Here are some DANCE FACTS:

*Sourced from the Better Health Channel – Victorian Government. Click here to check out the Website

  • Dancing is a great way to meet new friends.

  • Dancing can be a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

  • Dancing can improve your muscle tone, strength, endurance and fitness.

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