3 reasons to learn Salsa… and it’s not what you think!


You might by reluctant to learn Salsa, but I’m here to tell you the 3 best things, about this style of dance. And they are not what you think!

Here’s 3 GREAT reasons to learn salsa!

No Rules!

Learning to dance Salsa is easy because there is very little technique and there are no rules! …Well, almost! The only guideline in Salsa is that the lady/follower is encouraged (not a firm rule, just a recommendation in 2017) to follow the man. During a class you will learn a combination of steps but they never have to be danced in a specific order. It’s up to you (… the man/leader) to communicate through hand signals and body language, as to which order the steps are danced. Other than that the technique is pretty relaxed and as long as you like to spin you’ll be very happy you decided to learn Salsa. Spontaneity and no rules… How exciting!

Learn Salsa - it's not what you think

YEAH! I love to Salsa!

Universal Language

No matter where you are in the world, if you hear Salsa music you can dance with anyone and still be speaking the same language. The footwork is not specifically determined as this style of dance originated from the streets. The most significant element of Salsa dancing is the hand signals. So once you understand these you can dance with anyone. And I mean anyone! Dance is a universal language that has no barriers. Take your dance shoes anywhere in the world and you’ll be able to communicate through movement.

Colombia is known as one of the best places in the world to learn Salsa… But don’t disregard FIT2MOVE in Melbourne… we are also up there! You can CLICK HERE to check out details for Salsa with FIT2MOVE. Or to check out the World Salsa festival held in Cali, Columbia every September CLICK HERE for more info.


If you want to wear blue eye shadow and red backless top and a pink skirt then go ahead and live your life. No one is going to judge you, in fact individuality is of the up most importance when learning Salsa. Unlike other forms of dance where routine and rehearsal is a key, Salsa is all about making it your own. This is translated from the steps that you dance through to your styling and attitude. Enjoying the music and using the sounds to determine steps is great fun and you’ll never dance the same steps twice.

Learn Salsa

I haven’t even mentioned other great reasons to learn Salsa. You’ll gain a fantastic social environment, that helps motivate your fitness and self esteem. But, above all it’s FUN!

FIT2MOVE holds Salsa class every Monday @kindredstudios in Yarraville at 8pm. First class is FREE!

*2nd class is way more fun than the 1st!

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