Benefits of Learning a New Skill: DANCE!

Learning a new skill has so many benefits, especially if that new skill is: dance! You’ll have a boost in self esteem, be able connect with prior knowledge and the speed in which you learn will also increase. Here are some other benefits of learning a new skill that you probably won’t have thought of.

…Golf Lessons

This week I had my first ever Golf lesson. I was nervous, excited, anxious, self conscious and I took in about 10% of all the information I learnt. But it did make me think a lot about how every week there is someone in my beginner dance class and they are feeling exactly the same way…


Learning to play golf is much harder than learning to dance!

3 Benefits of Learning a New Skill

Fights boredom

Doing the same thing continuously can become very monotonous. Yes, it’s easy and comfortable… but gee it get’s boring! Seeking out a new activity or skill is a great way to break the monotony associated with a well rehearsed routine. And I’m not talking about a dance routine!

Adapt better to change

It’s said that people who change jobs regularly are now more employable because they adapt well to change. Constantly being exposed to new procedures and skills is a way to make sure the ones you already have are maintained. As well as making skills easily transferable in changing environments. Basically the more you change the better you adapt.

Become a more interesting person

We all want to be considered interesting and the more skills and knowledge you have the more relatable to others you are. By having things in common with others the more engaged you can become. The most interesting people have great knowledge about a variety of topics and skills. And being able to interact with others allows you to have better relationships and higher self esteem.


It is also believed learning new skills helps fights dementia. Especially if that new skill is dance, because it’s both a physical and cognitive activity. Learning to dance promotes brain activity by stimulating new neural path ways – this is a great way to promote brain function. Dance is also directly connected to memory retention and coordination skills.

Learning a new skill

By me taking a golf lesson and having to learn a new skill myself, it has made me aware of better ways to teach others a new skill. I too, am learning how to be a better dance teacher. Taking time to be present to my audience and considerate of how they might be feeling is a priority. Because I know all to well that feeling now.

Hopefully my golf swing will get better and hopefully my new appreciation for beginner dancers is well received!


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