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Does the idea of a dance CLASS scare the bejesus out of you? How about a private dance lesson? Sounds better!  Here’s why a private dance lesson is a great way to start dancing and also continue your love of dance!

In a class the instruction is directed at a group of people which is more of a generalised way of learning. Still effective just not as personal. For the teacher its good, as most people need the same information and often the same mistakes occur, so if we can put you all together and say the same thing only once, it’s great! Otherwise we spend the whole day saying: ‘Left foot… other left foot.’

But we are here to help our students not ourselves. So private dance lessons are another alternative for beginner dancers, not just advanced, who are looking to start dancing. Of course everyone is welcome to ask questions in our classes and we do our best to correct students when we can. But having your own time and teacher gives you specific information that only you need.

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Focused learning

Maybe you love the Waltz and that’s all you want to learn. Or you really want to understand how better to lead or follow. Having a private lesson allows you to focus purely on what you want to achieve. You’ll gain only the knowledge you want and because there isn’t anyone else in the class you’ll dance the whole time. That’s good news for your fitness as well! Sweating, learning and having fun!

Dips and tricks

Sometimes you don’t want to learn the boring basic steps. You just want to do a spin, learn how to shimmy and be dipped. And that’s fine with us, we love all of those things too! We will encourage you to use fundamentals that help you hold your body weight so that you don’t rely solely on your partner though. Life’s too short to wait to long for the good stuff. Go on, have a dip!

I don’t have a partner…

Often people won’t even come to a class if they don’t have a partner, but  you’ll always be able to find one at the studio. It could be another student or if you have a private dance lesson it will be your teacher. If you’ve always wanted to do a medal exam or a competition but never had  a partner then you’ll be happy to know you can do both of these things with your teacher. Having the security and support of completing this with a teacher will give you a whole lot more confidence and can be easily achieved through regular private dance lessons.

Focused learning, in a fun and safe environment with a professional teacher. Private dance lessons ensure you get the best out of your dancing! And don’t forget about the dips and tricks!

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How good’s that!

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