FIT2MOVE is an educational, personal development and motivation business
cleverly disguised as a Dance & Fitness company.

Don’t misunderstand us. We are an exceptional dance and fitness company with the best coaches and dancers in the industry, clever choreography and the most engaging music and methods. Our school’s programs are like no other and our weekly classes will have you dancing up a storm at your next dinner party.

But what we do is so much more. We build a better YOU. We develop confidence, self-worth, coordination, health, and fitness… through the medium of dance.

We love dance and take pride in seeing individual growth as well as the happiness that dance and music provides. Dance connects us more than the world of social media ever could. There is no other medium that can utilise every part of your body and mind like dancing can. It’s amazing!

And you know what else is amazing? How all of this got started.

The place of


FIT2MOVE was born in a country town so good they named it twice — Wagga Wagga, meaning “The place of many crows”. Founder Jarryd Byrne created the dance and fitness company after being asked to teach a hip hop workshop for the students of his old primary school. The kids loved it and the school teachers were amazed by the students’ engagement and participation. It was a raving success and Jarryd immediately saw the demand for Primary & High School students to be exposed to high quality dance tuition in conjunction with the school curriculum.

So how did Jarryd bring FIT2MOVE to the bustling cities of Sydney and Melbourne and become involved with shows like Dancing with the Stars, Strictly Ballroom the Musical and Burn the Floor?


Jarryd started dancing in Wagga Wagga at the tender age of 8 when a mate from school pleaded with him to come along because his mum was forcing him to dance. Without any knowledge of ballroom dancing other than the cult hit movie “Strictly Ballroom”, Jarryd walked into the local dance studio and ran straight back out 10 minutes later in tears. Why? The teacher was frightening, constantly yelling ‘5 6 7 8’ and there were girls EVERYWHERE.

Determined to follow through with his promise to his mate, Jarryd returned the following week and started to find his feet. Quickly realizing dancing was more of a social gathering than just steps, he found his calling and as he calls it, his second home.

Curls get the girls


Graced with a head full of 70’s style curly locks, dancing consumed Jarryd’s world. He danced every day, training in Ballroom, Latin American and Hip Hop. Before long, Jarryd was entered in his first dance competition and he was hooked. The 1st place trophy may have had something to do with it or the fact that this was where he met his future wife and business partner Alexandra, but that is a story for another day!!

This was the first of many dance competitions around Australia and Internationally.

Jarryd’s first dance partner, Chelsea King (Not his wife)


Flash forward 10 years, and with big dreams and ambition Jarryd packed his bags for Sydney. Training 6 days a week and living on a budget of 2 minute noodles and cheese on toast, he worked hard, learning with Australia’s best coaches to compete at the highest level around the world.




With a love for the stage and television, Jarryd found success on the popular show Dancing with the Stars and Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom the Musical, and returned to his home town with new information and energy. He began teaching school workshops to inspire the next generation and saw the spectacular response school students had to dance.


Dancing around the world opened Jarryd’s eyes to the change he could make with his passion for dance. Bringing his knowledge and experience back home to Australia, he aimed to inspire and teach the next generation that hard work and following your dreams really does pay off.


After many years of teaching and working with young Australians FIT2MOVE has seen first-hand the influence dance has on an individual’s confidence, self-worth, coordination, health, and fitness.

Bullying, teasing, domestic violence, childhood obesity, wellbeing and health education are all issues that motivate FIT2MOVE to make a change. We are passionate about making a difference in children’s lives and with our specifically designed school programs we have a proven record that we can break the barriers through education in dance and fitness.


After seeing the difference we can make in children’s lives, we have extended our reach to all ages through our dance and fitness classes. With our new and exciting presence in Melbourne’s west, this brings you up to date with FIT2MOVE now. Why not join us for the wild journey ahead!

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